>Paddy Power Poker Open – An opinion

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Sexy TV coverage, great sets, obviously a lot of work’s gone into a really good production – but you know what…

…there are very few Irish poker players that are good with the blarney, and vaguely anodynely attractive enough for TV.

The unfortunate thing is that the Paddy power online qualifiers (that made it to the Tournament by winning online qualifiers), didn’t really do justice to the whole “tall and elegant in body frame” of Celt mythology. The poker player look was a lot more Mulhuddart than Monte Carlo.

Why are good Poker players and 8/9/10 on the Am I Hot or Not scale – pretty much mutually exclusive? (Don’t even get me started on the fashion stakes…)

BTW – I’ve just watched the televised Final table, and to me it looks like a deals been hammered out – as the way the last 4 lads are playing is very, very loose. Much too loose for the money involved. Would RTE or Paddy Power share this with the TV audience? And let the man in the street know that there’s ALWAYS a deal going on somewhere?

I could could be wrong – we’ll see if it’s posted anywhere. Dealmaking at the Poker table is generally for weak players.

Stay away from it if you can – as if you try and make a deal early, next time you come up against a particular player, he’ll know your boundaries. Oh, and ignore that if there’s a chance that you might actually make a few quid…

PP’s poker marketing has done a good job in surfing the online wave, but I get the feeling that it’s plucking a lot of low-hanging fruit ie: you could probably sell online poker to an undiscovered tribe in the Amazon without working up a sweat.

It’s clear that at the top end of the Poker economy that there is less and less nosebleed NL action, as the Moneymaker effect is tapering off a little.

(Following day: – have just checked the PP Blog – and yes, there was a deal done)

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