>Who’s taking the (Gambling) horse to France?

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>For those that remember the “…who’s taking the horse to France…” good ‘ole Kerrygold ads – here is the online gambling equivalent with the provisional list of operators that will be licensed by the French governement for online betting & gaming.

It’s a list of 11 – and there are some notables missing.

Obviously no Betfair or Bet365, no Ladbrokes or Will Hill. Ditto – Expekt, Unibet. And of course, no Full Tilt (but I believe that ‘Stars have put in a bid for a licence).

Paddy Power are piggybacking the PMU with a deal whereby they are providing fixed odds product and trading infrastructure. Personally, think it’ll be interesting to see if they (PP) can ramp up the trading bodies to provide the PMU with the bandwidth they need for successful ROI. Have you tried to hire fluent french speaking sports traders? I’m betting there’s not as many out there as you’d think…

My understanding is that there are 17 actual licence requests that have been retained by the French government – but that there hasn’t been much movement in terms of liberalising the blackjack / roulette or Lotto products.

There are horses, and it is France – is that enough of a link?

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