Google insists on not including “do not track”. Is it kinda evil?

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Google insists on NOT including "do not track" optionIn a previous post I talked about how browser companies, and specifically how Google, were not going to be keen to see legislation introduced that allowed online consumers to opt-out of tracking / cookie storage / etc.

I also pointed out that there’d probably be some interesting statements coming out from these companies in terms of their views on allowing online consumers to “opt out” of date collection, etc.

Well, lo and behold, Google look like a) the only company to be holding out against the nascent “do not track” functionality, that Apple and Mozilla are introducing and b) they view the developement as “…interesting…”. (ie: we don’t find it interesting at all, and we wish it would go away…”

You can read a good in-depth piece on it here – by someone who’s more of an expert than I. Thanks again to

Am doing pretty good in the oracle stakes at the moment. Check out the trends piece I did last year – and tell me if I’m wrong.

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