Microgaming pulls out of the US. Great product, will be missed.

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Microgaming pulls out of the USMicrogaming announced today that its pulling its software from US facing operators and the US market “for the time being”.

They’ve driven the online casino market for many years now, and I’ve recently had a commercial presentation from them, when looking at some of their products. Their casino and flash products are still top-notch, and I’m a big fan of their ability to deliver from a technical and product point of view. Their Quickfire product is excellent.

Is it a knee-jerk reaction to the “Black Friday” events? Possibly.

Will it be permanent? Probably.

Will it open up opportunities for other software vendors that will provide US-facing software? Yes, but you can be sure that MG’s top US-facing licensees know where they are going, and where they are moving to next.

I know of various software providers that will be forming a (dis)orderly queue to step into the breach here, here’s hoping that they can keep licensee and player standards high.

Who do you think will step up?

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