Absolute Poker: Good piece on Absolute Poker’s history and scandals

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absolute pokerThere was a good piece published at the weekend in the Tampa Bay News. It gets under the skin of the Absolute Poker/UB.com company and has some interesting reportage including a chat with one of the original investors.

Absolute has lurched from crisis to crisis, with the superuser scandal being the biggest one, as well as some (theoretically) slick moves in terms of how they paid themselves for the licensing of their own software.

The transfer of IP / licensing to other jurisdictions has caused them problems too – and my take is that because they don’t have the same sort of non-US action that Pokerstars & Full Tilt Poker have – that they won’t be coming to an agreement to 100% cease US-facing activity, any time soon.

Initial reports have said that they are going to fight it and their statement gives that some credence.

I’m not going to venture much more of an opinion now, other than I think that of the three companies targeted on Black Friday – that Absolute Poker is in the biggest hole, and has the least chance of the business being viable over time. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong.

Read the good story from the Tampa Bay news – here.

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