Some internet experts worth following on Twitter. And me.

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twitter_followsAs I’ve got more & more into using Twitter – I’ve found that one of its best uses is in terms of “feeling the pulse” of the internet.

The “one to many” nature of the initial post or tweet almost promotes competition in terms of who can get the latest trend or idea out there, before the competition can. I’ve found it good to follow certain people who’ve built up a reputation for innovative thinking, big ideas – or have executed online concepts well.

If you can’t beat ’em, at least take on board some of the good stuff :-).

Some of the online experts that I’ve found good in terms of ideas, concepts, delivery and some hard-core ecommerce nerdiness are listed below.

It’s a personal choice – and it’s a good mix of internet marketers, web analytics, SEO and product people.

To kick it off – here’s my own handle:

Liam Casey – – ’nuff said

…and the rest…

Andy Beal – – marketing pilgrim/

Jason Fried – – 37 signals / brilliant product guy

Eric Peterson – – analytics

Marshall Sponder – – analytics/metrics

Jim Sterne – – emetrics founder

Linda Bustos – – ecommerce guru

Bryan Eisenberg – – digital enterprise

Rand Fishkin – – seo MOZ founder

Danny Sullivan – – SearchEngineLand founder

Jeremy Horn – – product guy

Jeff Bullas – – social media guy

It’s worth following a few of these guys, as it gives great food for thought (and the online soul).

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