Alderney suspends Full Tilt licence: here’s the regulator’s statement

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Full Tilt logoAlderney have finally got ’round to suspending Full Tilt Poker.

Click here to see a copy of the full statement from the regulator.

It could spell even more trouble for players. More to follow later.

Update: Looks like operations have fully ceased / been suspended – reports are that all games have stopped, table play was halted – and when I attempted connection – the client just hung.

This is going to make the interubes pretty hot for a few days. Here’s hoping that players get paid. Here’s a screenshot at midday on the 29th.

Full_Tilt_client_hangingUpdate: I’ve changed the link to the CORRECT statement – thanks to Peter Nolan (@ptr_nolan)

Update: Read the railbirds thoughts at 2+2 and get a taste of what are the Poker community thoughts – here.

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