Billy No Mates (Or how to find out if someone has ignored a Facebook friend request).

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Want to know who’s ignoring you?

Here’s a handy tip for you stalkers out there…

This came up in work today – as we were looking at FB activity and how to work out if a friend request had been turned down.

(BTW – Facebook has recently chanaged the “Ignore” button to a “Not Now” button. Guess they think that you’re going to be sober in the morning and guilt will kick in and you’ll have to “friend” someone…)

If you’ve sent a friend request – and someone has hit the “Not Now” button – the “Friend Request Pending” will DISAPPEAR.

If they HAVEN’T hit it – it’ll stay there. So – if you want don’t someone to know that you don’t want to be friends with them – don’t hit the “Not Now” button – just ignore it.

Kind of like that fat girl / geeky guy who’s making eyes at you over the bar. Ignore. Take no action.

Alternatively – watch this handy video from our friends at



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