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Another good one gone young. R.I.P. Ian McKeever.

Outside the comfort zone...

I was really saddened to wake up this morning to hear the news about Ian McKeever.

I didnt know him that well, he was friends with a girl that hired me after I left my PR course where we shared a desk in the small office we rented on Baggot St. At the time, I knew nothing about PR & he was helping a friend of his complete her Gold Gaisce award by designing a PR & launch campaign for a book that was being written called ‘Anything but Balls’ based on stories from former soccer greats. Ian was brilliant at what he did & taught me a lot.

To be honest, at the time I didn’t think much about Ian, he smoked more cigarettes than I could count, he loved to stay in bed, was always late for everything, drove a flashy Japanese imported car and was literally…

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