The Field of Dreams – If you build it…

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This is one of the first posts that I put up (7 years ago, December 2007), when I first started (occasionally) blogging – so that I could get my random betting & gaming thoughts down on paper(ish).

How times have changed – or have they? I’m going to re-read this now in-depth and then put down some thoughts on where the big changes have been. More to follow.


Field of Dreams…will they come?

That seems to be the question a lot of online gaming operators are asking themselves at the moment.

Regional markets seem to be the new online gaming battlegrounds for the established and less established operators. The pronouncements by the EU competition commissioner (Charlie McCreevy) that regional country markets need to open up their electronic borders to online gaming operators has encouraged a stampede into (primarily) under-developed EU markets.

Established operators like Paddy Power (Ireland), Ladbrokes (UK), Expekt (Austria) and CentreBet (Australia), have market-leading presences on their home turf but are now widening their net to target in-country bettors in immature markets such as Spain, France, Germany and Italy. They are also competing with newer operators like, Gnuf and PartyBets.

So – the question is – if you have a market leading brand and product in a particular market, does this translate to a natural…

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