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Green buttons. Coming soon to a website near you. I bet.

Slightly random post this, as I was looking at a beta version of a new product vertical that we’re launching on Monday. Where have all the green buttons come from? It’s been a little while since I haven’t had to be 100% hands on with all the bells & whistles in terms of getting a

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My take on the Full Tilt / PokerStars / Absolute Poker ban for US players.

If Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker (in particular) weren’t so focused on world domination, and trying to one-up each other in terms of player volumes, I think that the events of Friday the 15th of April may not have happened. Why? In the race to keep maintaining player deposits from US customers, and given that

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My crystal ball for Facebook advertising is working well.

World domination is ongoing, law suits are pending and one of my Facebook predictions for marketers is coming true. I predicted that the cost of advertising on Facebook would rise (it’s up 40% in the last year) but that click through rates would drop. Ergo, it’s not a great destination for seriously bottom line focused

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SEO: Google’s Panda is not being cuddly.

Google’s latest update of it’s core search algorithm is going to shaft a lot of content farms, poorly designed sites and online destinations that haven’t focused on user experience. There could be big drops for sites that are also heavily reliant on back-links etc from these content farm type sites. Google is quoted as saying:

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Uncle Sam Hates Cookies.

The two John’s (Kerry & McCain) are introducing a bill in the US that’ll give web users the right to demand they not be tracked online. Yes, Uncle Sam hates cookies. “The bipartisan legislation would allow consumers to demand particular websites stop tracking and selling their online behavior. As it now stands, internet surfers are

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Back in the saddle of blogging. Some online gambling thoughts first.

It’s been too long. Blogging about the business of internet gaming / marketing /¬† gambling has just felt like extra work – and god knows, I’ve got enough real work to be going on with. What’s happening on the day-to-day business of online gaming front for me? I’m overseeing 2 x casinos, 2 x poker

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