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Google insists on not including “do not track”. Is it kinda evil?

In a previous post I talked about how browser companies, and specifically how Google, were not going to be keen to see legislation introduced that allowed online consumers to opt-out of tracking / cookie storage / etc. I also pointed out that there’d probably be some interesting statements coming out from these companies in terms

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SEO: Google’s Panda is not being cuddly.

Google’s latest update of it’s core search algorithm is going to shaft a lot of content farms, poorly designed sites and online destinations that haven’t focused on user experience. There could be big drops for sites that are also heavily reliant on back-links etc from these content farm type sites. Google is quoted as saying:

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Uncle Sam Hates Cookies.

The two John’s (Kerry & McCain) are introducing a bill in the US that’ll give web users the right to demand they not be tracked online. Yes, Uncle Sam hates cookies. “The bipartisan legislation would allow consumers to demand particular websites stop tracking and selling their online behavior. As it now stands, internet surfers are

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