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Liam Casey - betonliamcasey
Liam Casey

I’m most enthusiastic about enthusiasm. Contact me here.

The essence of great online businesses is to craft a clear vision, define your core values that support the vision and then set clear goals along the way to achieving your mission. Great execution is then what marks out the companies that succeed VS those that end up 2nd.

My vision is to be great at what I do, and continually work on myself to improve.

I’ve been working for 10+ years in online, ecommerce, betting & gaming.

I’ve fulfilled leadership roles across well known companies including The Stars Group, Betsson Group & Amaya. I’ve worked as a Head of Marketing and CEO in a start-up environment. I cut my teeth in one company, over a 7 year period fulfilling a number of roles ending up as Commercial Director.

I’m currently available for full-time roles, based out of Dublin (with some travel), consulting projects / interim roles – with a primary focus on Marketing (Brand & Strategy), Digital Marketing (Performance & Structures) & general Commercial structures & performance in the online space.

I’ve had direct experience of both the North American space (where I started) and multiple RoW territories in terms of crafting propositions. Feel free to reach out and ask an opinion!

A sample of my consulting work includes:

  • Marketing reviews VS (ideal) KPI’s for various ecommerce / betting & gaming companies.
  • Providing the due diligence for a potential 9 figure company purchase.
  • Advising on & executing new people & commercial structures for a large betting company.
  • Defining mission & vision and executing same for a mid-sized tech services company.
  • Providing restructure advice & execution for a well known betting & gaming group.
  • Strategy review for US-facing tech provider.
  • I also advise various CEO’s and CxO’s on an ad-hoc basis when they are looking for an impartial & experienced 3rd party expert opinion on the areas below.

Regarding work, I’m passionate about people, first. Mission, second. Getting sh*t done, third. My belief is that if you can combine all 3 in the right way – that you’ll succeed.

My specialities?

  • Getting to the heart of how ecommerce or betting & gaming businesses can improve revenues, fast.
  • Identifying areas of weakness around operational structures and suggesting improvements.
  • Analysing people in their roles, and identifying areas for improvements.
  • Analysing commercial structures & deals and recommending improvements.
  • Helping businesses get their operational (and revenue generating structures) right.
  • Ensuring that technology is used as an enabler of the business, not a focus that detracts from the mission.
  • Translating founder’s vision & mission into actions, and helping inspire teams to success.
  • Using my experience, attitude & network to get sh*t done, where others have failed.

My experience has shown me that if you have a concern about your structures, performance, or how your business is performing, that you are probably right – and I’ll give you a no bullshit opinion as to where things can be improved. If I can’t help – then I’m pretty sure my network can.

You can check out my LinkedIn profile here. And see what I’m talking about on Twitter, here.

If you’d like to talk about work or consulting, (and I’d never rule a full-time role out with the right company with vision) – you can contact me at liam AT betonexperts.com or use the contact form below.