About me: brief intro

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>Early 30’s, size =’s medium to small, have been known to shrink in the wash, married to a fantastic blond half-Norwegian chick. (Not sure which half is blonde.)

I’m a poor sleeper, average Poker player, good typist, passionate marketer and probably work too hard. And that’s just the bad stuff ;-).

I work for a big online gaming company, having come to it about 3 years ago, from a background in internet marketing, online communities, public relations and TV production.

In other words, it means that I should be good at talking about crap on the Internet, and making people think that it matters.

I’m going to post various thoughts on this blog on the stuff that I get involved with – generally with work. Online gaming, marketing and the internet is changing every day, and the marketing, brand & product management is what I’m up to by ass in every day. I hope that this Blog will help me to explore (probably in a dialogue with myself) some of the things I come across.

Probably explore some trends and sites that I think are going to be big – and then have to come back here to eat my virtual words.

The next post WILL be interesting. God, I’m even boring myself…

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