>Blogiscpline – The discipline of Blogging

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>Tipping point, friendquest, repurposing, and my current personal favourite – aquadextrous (the ability to turn off taps in the bath with both feet) may all be considered part of the current lexicon of buzzwords, to which I want to add my own – “blogiscpline”.

It’s the discipline of blogging.

I originally started this blog as a way to allow me to put down some thoughts on the area that I work in (online gaming), outside the headspace confines of what area of work that I have to think about today. Hmmmm, that was about 4 months ago, and I haven’t written anything since. Go figure.

I’m either a) too indisciplined to keep up with what I started (this blog) b) too busy to get the headspace to do it c) not engaged enough by the idea of putting down my thoughts on paper d) none or all of the above :-).

I think that different people have different ideas about what is the discipline required to maintain an active and engaging blog. Simply updating something every day, may be of benefit to allow an individual to feel like they are achieving something – but then you come up against the argument of quantity VS quality. Is something that’s updated regularly but only carries incrementally interesting updates – of more value than a blog that’s updated less regularly, but those updates are much more interesting or relevant to the reader?

This is where blogiscpline becomes interesting. Is the discipline of blogging about focusing on regular, incremental updates – making sure to be disciplined about updating your blog or…

…is it more important to be disciplined about the content of your blog? Should you hold off on blog updates for the sake of them VS updating when you’re sure that you’ve got something relevent and engaging to say?

Maybe I should stop right now then…

Gaming Tip: I think that PartyGaming are turning a corner. They’ve just bought a good Racebook, and it looks like to me that they’ve finally got a good enough product mix to compete on the same playing field as the “proper” multi-product gaming operators. I think that they are worth holding in the medium term – purely to see if UIGEA might open up an exemption for Poker.

I’ve goto some more thoughts on what is the right product mix for online gaming operators, but I’m going to have to aplly some decent blogiscpline to share them with you.

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