Little help? Recommendations for good web design & (ideally) dev agencies

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Help a brother out?
Help a brother out?

I’m looking for some recommendations for web design & development (ideally) in Ireland and the UK but further afield could work too. Big project that could lead to significant long-term work.

It’s for a new company that I’m involved with, that’s under wraps for about another month – but I need start reviewing potential agencies now.

It’s a big opportunity / project involving a very well established and well-funded company that’s looking to shake up its business proposition through the use of innovative design.

There’s a portfolio of B2B and B2C sites that have an immediate requirement for design & development – and they will probably have long-term UI design & update requirements. If the agency can deliver, it could be a fantastic, long term relationship & opportunity.

Ideally, I’m looking for a mature agency with a good mix of B2B & B2C site experience, that has strong Development capabilities, and a strong client list. But, I’m not ruling anyone for now – online portfolio will be important, as well as client references / testimonials / bona fides.

I’m of a completely open mind at the moment – so feel free to contact me, or send me on any details to:

Or – hit me up through LinkedIn here. Or tweet at @betonliamcasey.

Carrier pigeons not accepted at this time.

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