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Content creation in 2014: what’s next?

Content creation in 2014: what’s next?

Genius work on where brands sit in the Social Media space.

I came across this today, for the first time – and felt that it’s something that should be viewed by anyone who’s got an interest on the intersection of Brand / Online / Social Media / PR 2.0. When looking at it – the question you should be asking yourself (if you are an online … Continue reading

Google Correlate: Your own trend data is your friend?

Quick post this – I just came across this last night, so I thought I’d put down some thoughts. Google’s newest lab rat, is Google Correlate and it complements Google Trends in the sense that it allows you to upload your own data series and look for corresponding data trends. Google’s mission statement for this … Continue reading

Can I make myself trend on Twitter? I can with Eurovision. Douze Points.

OK, so I lost the vote at home to watch a recorded episode of The Pacific VS the Eurovision Final. No surprise there… So, with laptop open, on the couch, with Eurovision tinnitis after only the second song – I thought that it might give me the chance to see how social media was dealing … Continue reading

Some internet experts worth following on Twitter. And me.

As I’ve got more & more into using Twitter – I’ve found that one of its best uses is in terms of “feeling the pulse” of the internet. The “one to many” nature of the initial post or tweet almost promotes competition in terms of who can get the latest trend or idea out there, … Continue reading

Google insists on not including “do not track”. Is it kinda evil?

In a previous post I talked about how browser companies, and specifically how Google, were not going to be keen to see legislation introduced that allowed online consumers to opt-out of tracking / cookie storage / etc. I also pointed out that there’d probably be some interesting statements coming out from these companies in terms … Continue reading

My crystal ball for Facebook advertising is working well.

World domination is ongoing, law suits are pending and one of my Facebook predictions for marketers is coming true. I predicted that the cost of advertising on Facebook would rise (it’s up 40% in the last year) but that click through rates would drop. Ergo, it’s not a great destination for seriously bottom line focused … Continue reading

SEO: Google’s Panda is not being cuddly.

Google’s latest update of it’s core search algorithm is going to shaft a lot of content farms, poorly designed sites and online destinations that haven’t focused on user experience. There could be big drops for sites that are also heavily reliant on back-links etc from these content farm type sites. Google is quoted as saying: … Continue reading

Uncle Sam Hates Cookies.

The two John’s (Kerry & McCain) are introducing a bill in the US that’ll give web users the right to demand they not be tracked online. Yes, Uncle Sam hates cookies. “The bipartisan legislation would allow consumers to demand particular websites stop tracking and selling their online behavior. As it now stands, internet surfers are … Continue reading

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