Great infographic on Social CRM

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CRM has evolved. In particular for the egaming industry.

People are still struggling with working out the ROI for social network based activity. And it’s not good.

The old paradigm of a simple two way dialogue between marketers and their audience – is dead. There are too many touchpoints out there for the digital native consumer – to not make up their mind in a much more holistic way.


In my opinion, people are not in true buying mode, while social network browsing. They are doing what people do on Facebook et al. Checking out an ex, general stalking and the like. I know that’s what I use it for…

However, the set of tools that you get bundled via social applications is brilliant for really getting under the skin of the analytics. If you haven’t started poking around in the social CRM tools, now is the time to do so.

(…more below…)

Great Social CRM infographic.

AND – if you are a business owner – make sure to get your Customer Service involved, give them the data – and empower them to make decisions on the fly. You’ll be surprised at how immediately effective it can be.

According to the Social CRM inforgraphic, 60% of US citizens regularly interact with companies via social media. How many egaming & betting companies interact with 60% of their customer base, outside of the more traditional channels of email?

43% say that companies should use social media to help consumers. What’s interesting about this – is that in my experience email has dropped off a cliff in terms of effectiveness – and any channel that customers are actively looking to engage with, needs to be aggressively pursued.

Are you pursuing it?

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